I also work on the Puzzle Project with my father, Kevin Campbell. The Puzzle Project is a conceptual work of art, a puzzle, that can continue to grow indefinitely. It is cut from sheets of plywood which are joined edge to edge to create a theoretically infinite surface on which to paint.  At its current size is it larger than a basketball court and has over 1,400 pieces. As it continues to grow, pieces are sold and go all over the country and all over the world. For that reason, the physical puzzle itself would be nearly impossible to gather together to take a photograph of. One of the main things that I have worked on is the composite, a digital image composed of hundreds of photographs, pieces and groups of pieces, which must be meticulously cut out, re-sized, and fit together to create the image of the fully assembled puzzle.  I have also assisted in the creation of pieces as well as making a video as part of an installation. Click the link below to see my dad's site or click the picture to see the video.